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Assist you in achieving Day-one salesforce productivity

Deliver solutions that ensure 90-day retention of your frontline sales force

Support you with a multidimensional view of your workforce through Productivity analytics

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35,000+ trained last year

Trained at 140 locations – Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities

95% repeat business

38% customers from customer referral

6 easily customizable offerings to choose from

5 SMEs across industries

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Role Readiness Programs

The program ensures job ready employee across India with uniform understanding & ability to perform minimal tasks. The program is designed for quicker scale up to desired productivity among its participants thereby reducing attrition. We have the capacity to roll out over 100 programs in a month with over 25-30 simultaneous programs that are Structured & Uniform across locations with evaluation of Knowledge transfer. Online/Offline Reports, Real-Time Dashboards & MIS provide Insights & Predictions for action.

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Productivity Enhancement of Role Holder

Aims to have higher revenue per deployed resource and improved cost ratios with sustained productivity thereby impacting attrition in a positive aspect. Structured & Uniform training programs that meet learner upskilling requirements, across locations. JIM based, instructional designed modules delivered by qualified trainers using blended learning improves productivity which enhanced employee morale and performance. TMI offers sustenance of training to ensure continued productivity. Online/Offline Reports, Real-Time Dashboards & MIS provide insights & predictions for action.

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Capacity Building Programs

Ensures the managers play the role that is expected of them. It helps them to improve performance that is derived from more contributors and retain their team members. The program aims for role transition from a "doer" to a "make-doer" and provide role clarity with knowledge of HR processes to make team member perform. It enables sustained learning that can be applied on the job.

Livelihood Training Programs - CSR funded

Assures that the CSR money is well spent on bottom of the pyramid in enabling them with livelihoods. It enables the beneficiary to sustain their livelihood. The customer has its branding and can hire a job ready employee, for job roles, if interested. TMI has the capability to mobilise "Fit" beneficiaries from the target population and roll out over 100 programs in a month with over 25-30 simultaneous, structured & uniform programs across locations. We also evaluate knowledge transfer and fitment to play the job role.

Livelihood Training Programs - Govt. Funded

Enables economic upliftment of the candidate & the society by skilling and providing employment. It also helps to create a talentpool for the industry. TMI's livelihood programs have a corporate approach rather than NGO mindset for CSR spend. We provide employment opportunities in reputed organizations or be self-employed.

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Investor Education & Awareness

Adheres to Statutory Compliance saving time for the internal teams to focus on other core activities. It helps to improve Brand image in terms of better customer engagement. The program presents potential prospects from participants in the awareness program. We have the capacity to roll out over 100 programs in a month with over 25-30 simultaneous, standardized & high quality programs Pan India. This helps for Larger and quicker reach.

Job Linked Certification for Students/Candidates

To equip the learners with practical job role that is vertical & function specific. It helps the learner to gain their confidence to begin work in their desired industry. This also in turn bridges the gap of demand & supply of resources in the industry.


Award for Excellence in Practice Citation

2014, ASTD

Best Results of a Learning Program

2016, Brandon Hall Gold Award

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